Beauty With A

  • Professional Celebrity Make-up Artistry
  • Radio and TV host
  • Beauty blogger
  • Beauty Ambassador
  • Ecco Bella
  • Model Coach

  • Angela “ANGEL” Burt

    “Beauty with a Purpose” is an expression coined by Angel Burt, founder of Angel Face Beauty. Burt is a beauty maven with over 20 years of professional experience as a published model. Angel would later channel her interest in beauty to provide natural hair care and makeup artistry to her clients. She is charged with a mission to enhance the aesthetic appearance of women, while empowering their self-image and confidence. Angel has worked as a sales manager in the cosmetic industry for brands such as NARS, Bobbi Brown, Trish McAvoy, LaPrarie, and Chantecialle.


    Angel hopes to be an inspiring and meaningful resource, specifically for women and the community at large, by sharing information that can help anyone transform their life.


    Angel is an ambassador and featured make-up artist during promotional events for Ecco Bella, an organic cosmetic line. She is also the co-founder of the Real Beauty Mavens and vice-president of the Arkansas Black Independent Film Festival. She recently launched a beauty segment on KATV channel 7 in Little Rock, AR.

    Multitude of Purposes

    During Angel’s spare time, she likes to cook, Salsa dance, write poetry and workout. Angel believes that everyone has multiple purposes and gifts, they just have to live by the divine guidance that has been given to us.


    Angel embodies a “can do” attitude, which generally exceeds her customer's expectations. Collectively over the years Angel has sold more than 1.2 million dollars in cosmetics alone.


    Angela "Angel" Burt is a high energy, enthusiastic, sales professional. She is also a cosmetician, radio and television host, and actress, with a huge passion for the arts, community, and wholistic wellness.


    Angel's creative gifts shine through her career as a professional cosmetician. Angel believes makeup simply enhances a woman’s natural beauty.


    The best care in town!

    Packages Rates 2015
    Provides brides with the essential needs of hair and makeup for her big day.
  • Hair & Makeup application (includes faux lashes)
  • Airbrushed foundation (optional)
  • Touch up kit (lip gloss, oil blotting papers, hair spray, etc.)
  • $1000
    Ensures each bride peace of mind of her flawless beauty as she walks down the aisle.
  • Trial Session (3hrs in-studio) - consultation, makeup & hair application
  • Hair & Makeup application (includes faux lashes)
  • Airbrushed foundation (optional)
  • Touch up and personal attendant services until start of ceremony
  • Travel up to two (2) locations is allowed (prep, ceremony) All locations must be within close proximity otherwise additional travel fee will apply.
  • Hair and makeup changes not allowed
  • $1600
    The ultimate bridal pampering package and also the favorite of our brides. Ensures brides peace of mind.
  • Trial Session (3hrs in-studio) - consultation, makeup & hair application
  • Wedding day makeup & hair application (includes faux lashes)
  • Makeup & hair style change
  • Airbrushed foundation (optional)
  • Touchup & personal attendant services (6hrs)
  • Personal assistance begins from once prep time ends
  • No split shifts allowed
  • Travel up to three (3) locations is allowed (prep, ceremony, reception). All locations must be within close proximity otherwise additional travel fee will apply.
  • Recommended for cryers, difficult weather conditions, and oilier skin types
  • $1800
  • Consultation, hair & makeup application
  • In studio & weekdays only
  • On-location add 150+
  • More details below
  • $300
    (Maids, mothers, & other ladies)
  • Hair
  • Makeup

  • $125 / service
    $125 / service
  • Hair
  • Makeup

  • $75 / service
    $75 / service
  • Makeup Lessons
  • Boudoir
  • Touchups
  • Faux eyelash application (a la carte)
  • Tattoo / Scar coverage
  • Early start fee (rate based on number of hours prior to 8:00am)
  • Parking (billed to room)
  • Workshops
  • Commercial / Production

  • $300+ (2hrs)
    $150 / hr
    Valet Rate
    Upon Request
    Upon Request
  • Vary on location
  • Minimum rate may apply depending on travel radius, please inquire about your location

  • Schedule an appointment

    Schedule an appointment

  • A signed contract and a non-refundable retainer of 50% is required to reserve a date
  • A trial session does not ensure a booking
  • Availability changes instantaneously, early booking is highly recommended
  • Accommodations are required if travel exceeds 60 miles and start time is prior to 7:00am
  • Final service count must be submitted 30 days prior to event date to ensure proper staffing
  • For Destination Weddings, only The Glamour Package is available & airfare, accommodations, transportation & travel rate will apply.
  • Schedule an appointment


    Trial Sessions

  • All trial sessions are held in-studio
  • Trial session location address: Little Rock Arkansas
  • Trial sessions are held between Monday thru Thursday
  • It is highly recommended to bring at least 3 images for each hair and makeup look
  • Trial sessions are limited to one look for hair and makeup
  • All directions will be taken from the bride only and no other parties (i.e. mothers, bridesmaids etc.)
  • If you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment(s) it may be cancelled or a late fee of $15 will be charged for every 15 minutes that have elapsed. Late fee will be collected once the service has been rendered.
  • Payment is collected once service has been rendered
  • Accepted forms of payment: cash, check, credit card & PayPal
  • For all credit card transactions, a transaction fee of 3.5% will apply
  • For PayPal payments, please process as “personal transaction”
  • Trial sessions are non-refundable
  • *Rates subject to change without notice & are non-negotiable

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